Great News!

We finally got our buddy bench! Thanks to Ms. Fredricks for getting it!

And don’t worry, we will have more posts coming soon. Now that school is starting, we will be more active here, bringing you all the latest news about our project!



Even More Magnificent News!

We finished making the quiz! You can play it at the link below:

Kill Bullies With Kindness: The Quiz

We are also adding information about cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is just as bad as regular bullying. We are starting our fundraiser very soon. We had lots of posters turned in. Thanks to Selena, Samari, Lorrisa, for turning in your posters! We all hope that you can KILL BULLIES WITH KINDNESS at your schools!

– Dalisha, President of The Bully Stoppers


It Gets Even Better!

Everyone, we are making a Kahoot quiz for the website!!! We will start soon. Very soon. Probably this friday. We hope that everyone plays the quiz. We haven’t started our fundraiser yet. But, 6 or 7 posters have been turned in. They are in the media center now. We still hope that you will end bullying in your school!!!!

Dalisha, President of The Bully Stoppers